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Every knife needs constant care, sharpening, and polishing, especially when it comes to real Japanese knives. Usually, however, the owner of such knives does not need much persuasion to buy matching accessories for their knives: having a brand new knife makes you want to care for it.



A careful and cautious attitude to knives is impossible without the proper organization of space to store them. And the best way to prevent knives from deteriorating due to a sloppy attitude, as well as complementing the kitchen design with something new, is to buy a knife stand. In our store, you can choose and buy a magnetic stand both for steel knives and ceramic knives, made of transparent plastic. A knife stand will help you to keep them in the best possible condition!

Equally important are the accessories for polishing and sharpening. A water grindstone is most suitable for polishing. It can be metal, ceramic or diamond-coated. Experts believe that for the best performance when sharpening, you should use a ceramic honing rod.


If you think that your knives require sharpening, you need a whetstone or a knife sharpener (manual or electric). Whetstones are the best matches for Japanese blades made of stainless steel, because they provide a delicate sharpening. But ceramic knives need a different approach: there is a need for either an electric grinder, designed specifically for ceramics, or special grinding wheels. 


Ceramic is used as the base material not only for the manufacture of ceramic knives but also for other accessories, such as a ceramic peeler. Having the same properties as a ceramic knife, a ceramic peeler is more hygienic than a steel peeler.