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1.1. The present Terms of Use governs the legal relations arising between SIA “Tokyo Cutlery”, registration No.40203033294, Jurkalnes  15-314, LV-1046, Riga, Latvia (Seller) and the entity completing a purchase (Customer), during the buying and selling of kitchen knives and kitchen accessories on online store (Online Store). These rules set out the rights and obligations of the Seller and the Customer, the responsibilities, the conditions of purchase and payment, the delivery procedure and the settling of claims, as well as provide general information about the services offered by the Seller.

1.2. In addition to the present Terms, the legal relations arising from the sale of goods through the Online Store, are governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

1.3. The Seller can change the Terms of Use of the Online Store, as well as the prices of products and services. Notifications about the changes are communicated on the Online Store. Conditions and prices that are in force at the time of the transaction apply to the deals.

1.4. The Seller is not responsible for damages caused by the fact that the Customer has not acquainted himself with these terms.



2.1. The prices of the products are displayed on the pages describing the goods; the prices include the 21% VAT in force in the Republic of Latvia.

2.2. A delivery fee is added to the price of the products. The delivery fee corresponds to the shipping method selected by the Customer during the ordering. The shipping method is being selected, but the price gets calculated in the Shopping Cart.

2.3. If there is a discount code, the discount for the product is applied upon entry of the code in the Shopping Cart.



3.1. Having selected the product, the Customer adds the product to the shopping cart by pressing the “Add to Basket” button.

3.2. It is possible to change the amount of products in the shopping cart, as well as the products can be removed from the shopping cart before proceeding with the payment of the order.

3.3. To place an order in the shopping cart, it is necessary to provide all the required information, choose a payment method and click on the “Secure Payment” button.

3.4. An order is considered officially confirmed upon pressing the “Secure Payment” button.

3.5. The Seller sends a confirmation letter to the e-mail address of the Customer.

3.6. If the product that was ordered by the Customer is not available, the Seller cancels the order. The order can be cancelled partially or in its entirety. The Customer is immediately notified about the cancelled order. In case of a partial cancelation, the Seller may request the Customer to provide instructions regarding the rest of the order – whether to send the rest of the items or cancel them, too.

3.7. The purchase contract is considered concluded upon the payment of the order by the Customer.

3.8. The Customer has the right to cancel an erroneous order by giving the Seller notice by e-mail, phone or through other means of communication.

3.9. The order is automatically cancelled if the Customer has not paid for the products within two days of placing the order.



4.1. The Customer makes an advance payment of 100% for all the purchases made from the Online Store.

4.2. Orders can be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), as well as through the payment system of PayPal and the international payment system WebMoney.

4.3. The payment takes place outside of the Online Store and within the secure environment of company First Data and complies with the security standards of the industry of payment cards, that have been established by international payment systems Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover. The Seller has no access to the banking data of the Customer, the credit card details or any other payment information of the Customer.

4.4. After the order is placed and paid, the Customer will receive an order confirmation letter via e-mail. Prior to dispatching the order, an invoice will be placed inside the parcel and in case of a delivery outside of the European Union a Customs Declaration will also be included.



5.1. The Online Store ships products to all countries within the European Union, as well as to the rest of the world.

5.2. The products are delivered to the Customer using the services offered by companies Latvijas Pasts, EMS, DPD Group, FedEx, GLS, Omniva. Detailed information about the proposed delivery services, as well as the estimated delivery times can be found on the “Delivery” page of this site.

5.3. The Customer covers the delivery costs related to the delivery of Products. An exact delivery cost is estimated based on the total weight of the order and is indicated in the sum total of the order in the shopping cart.

5.4. The Seller fulfils the orders, i.e. delivers the products to the postal institutions no later than three working days upon placement of the order. Delivery of the product to the Customer depends on the selected postal service.



6.1. The Customer has the right to annul the transaction without providing any reason within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the products by furnishing a  to the Seller in written form (by post or a digital signature), or in a format that enables a written reproduction of said notice (an e-mail), or by filling out a special form on the website of the Online Store. The Request to Annul the Contract Form can be downloaded from here.

6.2. The Seller acknowledges the annulation request by sending a notice to the Customer (via e-mail).

6.3. The Customer is obliged to return the products within 14 calendar days from the submission of the request to annul the contract. The annulation period starts from the day the Customer or a third person specified by the Customer, who is not the courier of the products, has received the products in his possession. If the order consists of more than one item, then the annulation period starts from the day of delivery of the final item to the Customer.

6.4. In case of the annulation of the contract, the Seller refunds the total amount of the products minus the shipping cost to the Customer in the same way as the initial transaction was made to pay for the products, no later than 14 days from the receipt of the products by the Seller. The Seller has the right to withhold from refunding the amount until the Customer has returned the products or has furnished a confirmation of the delivery of products to the postal institution. When exercising the right to annul the contract, the Customer shall cover all direct costs arising from the return of the products. The Customer has the right to return the Products with any postal service, however if the Customer returns he Product to the courier who had delivered the order, the services of which are covered by Seller, then the Seller has the right to deduct the cost of the return shipment from the amount to be refunded to the Customer.

6.5. A guarantee is applied to the goods purchased by Customer during the period of 2 years since the moment of purchase.

6.6. If the Customer wishes to exchange, repair or replace the products, the Customer needs to fill out the return form that is attached to the Products and the invoice. When exchanging or replacing products, the Customer shall cover all direct costs related to the return of the products, except when the returned products do not correspond to the ordered items.

6.7. Only products that were not used can be returned. The Products must be in their original packaging, all the factory labels must be attached, the documentation, appended to the parcel shall be available, including the invoice that was supplied to the Customer. The package may be opened only if there is no other possibility of familiarizing oneself with the product.

6.8. The products may be exchanged within 14 days following their delivery to the Customer, in case if the Customer is not satisfied with the form, the colour or other characteristics of the products.

6.9. If the products returned to the Seller for exchange, cannot be exchanged because of unavailability of the model, size or other criteria requested by the Customer, then the Seller notifies the Customer about this.



7.1. отсутствует в русском тексте

7.2. In the case of a faulty product or detected defects, the Customer is obliged to immediately notify the Seller by relaying the necessary information by e-mail to or by sending a letter to: Jurkalnes Street 15-314, LV-1046, Riga Latvia.

7.3. In case of a faulty product or detected defects, the Customer has the right to demand from the Seller to fulfil its responsibilities, cancel/terminate the contract, as well as claim damages, request discounts, and in case of delays in the fulfilment of financial obligations, to charge a penalty.

7.4. In case of a faulty product or detection of defects, the Customer initially has the right to request a free repair of the product or the replacement of the product with a non-faulty one without any defects or return of the product at the expense of the Seller.

The Customer has the right to request a discount on his purchase or to terminate the contract, as well as the refund of the amount paid for the product, if:

• The Seller has no possibility to repair or replace the product, or

• repair or replacement cannot be done, or

• the Seller has failed to eliminate the defects of product within a reasonable period of time, or

• the Customer is experiencing unwarranted inconveniences.

7.5. In case of the return of a faulty product, the amount paid for the product including its shipping costs will be refunded to the Customer within a period that does not exceed 14 days. The Seller has the right to withhold from refunding the amount until the Customer has returned the product at his disposal or until a confirmation of delivery to the postal institution for the return has been furnished.

7.6. The Seller is not held responsible or liable to compensate the cost to the Customer in case of a faulty product or detection of defects if:

7.6.1. the condition of the Product has deteriorated by the fault of the Customer;

7.6.2. Defects have arisen as a result of improper use of the product, including non-compliance with the user manual;

7.6.3. The product has changed due to natural wear and tear arising from normal use of the product.

7.6.4. A proof of purchase cannot be supplied.

7.7. In case of a dispute between the Customer and the Seller, with regards to the faulty product, the Customer has the right to express a complaint in a written form, or in a form which can be reproduced in writing (e-mail), indicating in the claim his name, address, date of submission of the complaint, the specific defect in the faulty product and his desired solution to the problem. There shall be also a copy of the document attesting the transaction appended to the complaint. The Seller responds to the Customer’s complaint in a written form, or a form that can be reproduced in writing (e-mail) within 15 working days or, if due to objective factors cannot reply within the determined time period, immediately notifies the Customer whereof, indicates the reasonable time period, when the reply would be given and explains the reasons of the necessity to extend the time period.

7.8. If the Customer and the seller fail to resolve the dispute and the value of the disputed product is not less than 20 (twenty) Euros, but does not exceeds 14,000 (fourteen thousand) Euros, then the Customer has the right, for the out-of-court settlement of the dispute, to reach out to the Commission of the Settlement of Consumer Disputes (Commission), acting under the Center of Consumer Protection. The Commission of Consumer Complaints reviews the consumer complaints free of charge. The address of the home page of Commission with the necessary additional information:

Dispute resolutions are governed by the Law on Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Bodies, Consumer Rights Protection Law and other laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

7.9. In case of a disagreement with the decision of the Commission, the parties have the right to appeal the decision to the district court of the Seller’s registered legal address.



8.1. The Customer’s data which is stored in the software of the Online Store, as well as the data regarding his orders, are considered confidential information. The Seller does not disclose information that has become known to him to third parties.

8.2. Data exchanged between the Customer and the banks/card payment centers is encrypted, which ensures the safety of personal information and the bank information of the Customer. The Seller has no access to the banking information of the Customer, nor his payment card data.

8.3. Information provided by the Customer to the Seller during the course of his purchases is protected and processed in conformity with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Personal information is collected and processed for the following purposes: to conduct sales analyses, to compile reports, to compile proposals for the Customer, to conduct surveys about Customer loyalty.

8.4. Customer’s personal data is processed by SIA “Tokyo Cutlery”, registration No.40203033294, Jurkalnes iela 15-314, LV-1046, Riga, Latvia.

8.5. SIA “Tokyo Cutlery” may authorize other legal entities (authorized processors) to process personal data, provided that this entity has entered into an agreement which requires the authorized processor to maintain the confidentiality of the processed personal data and to ensure the protection of personal data in conformity with the provisions of the law.

8.6. Upon the Customer’s request, in the form of a written letter sent to Jurkalnes  15-314, LV-1046, Latvia, Riga or by sending an e-mail signed with a digital signature to, SIA “Tokyo Cutlery” will provide a list with the respective legal entities.

8.7. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided to the Seller. The Seller is not responsible for consequences stemming from inaccurate data provide by the Customer.