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Samura Sultan series

Damascus oriental knives


We would like to bring to your attention an unusual novelty for Europe — the Samura Sultan knife series. Inspired by traditions of the ancients, who had inhabited the Ottoman Empire for many centuries, we have created unusual knives with the Oriental soul.


Sultan knives are ideal for cooking dishes of the Oriental cuisine, slicing vegetables and greens. The elongated blade edge shape is convenient for deboning and cutting meat and carcass. The collection comprises two Chef's knives (164 mm and 159 mm).


Samura Sultan Pichak knife


The blade is made of ultra-strong 67-layered Damascus steel. The blades have their shapes derived from classic Asian pichaks — Tugri and Kayik. Thanks to its straight point, the Tugri's blade is convenient for slicing and is often part of the butcher's set. Kayik has its arc-shaped blade tapering to the point, and thus ideal for skinning and deboning.


The Sultan's handle is made of an advanced ultra-strong G-10 material used in tourist and survival knives, with the curved butt creating an additional rest when slicing. In Central Asia, cooks do most kitchen operations — from cutting to fine slicing of all kinds of products - with just a single knife. Therefore, our Sultan chef's knives are truly multifunctional and can replace an arsenal in the kitchen!


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