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The kitchen knife is the primary tool for every cook, professional chef or amateur. All of them are well aware of how the right tool is essential for cooking.


But the best of the best indeed are three or more-layered steel knives. Such multi-layered steel knives are also called Damascus knives. Multi-layered steel is an ancient way of comprehensively improving the quality of the knives - increasing the hardness without losing the knives’ elasticity. For these purposes, ancient blacksmiths combined different types of steel, because all steel had different properties. Carbon steel makes a good cut, but it rusts; alloy stainless steel is soft, but quickly gets blunt and has a simple, dull surface, without the characteristic pattern that enriches the beautiful knives made of multi-layered steel.


damascus steel knife samura sakai

All Damascus knives


Japanese Damascus knives have a quality cut; they are flexible and durable. Knives made of Damascus steel allow their delighted owners to perform any cooking operation skilfully. For connoisseurs and lovers of beauty, a characteristic multi-layered beautiful pattern on the blade increases the status of the knife and its owner.


Damascus steel knives decorate the kitchen; they always stand out from other, more ordinary knives. And for a professional chef, quality knives are as important to him as a violin for the violinist or a gun for a hunter.