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The Japanese approach to doing business has always been important for our company. We have spent a lot of time creating high-quality Samura knives. We use modern technology, and continuously improve our products, because it is Japanese tradition to be constantly working on improving people's lives. We respect and honour the major principles of Japanese knife manufacturing: a thin and lightweight blade, a sharp cutting edge and ergonomic handle.


There are more than 10 collections of Samura kitchen knives on the market, all of which are made of the best types of steel (VG-10 and AUS-8), as well as cookware, flatware and knife accessories. The steel hardness of most Samura knives is at least 58 HRC, whereas Samura Sakai is 61-62 HRC, which is more than 5 points higher than the steel used in European knives.


Our products are continually tested by amateur cooks, as well as by professional chefs, and we also provide real field-tests.


All Samura knives have gone through multiple treatments and have been manually sharpened on whetstones.




It pays to be honest. A wise man once said, "An intelligent man can only be fooled once." We sell high-quality cutlery, and we want to establish a long-term relationship with our customers which extends far into the future. Our aim is to be the number one place to go when you’re searching for the perfect kitchen knife.


We are always thinking of ways to improve our knives and often hit the limit of achievable quality. As time goes on, however, new technologies and materials are created. Therefore, we are in a never-ending development process to outdo ourselves and bring the very best products to our customers.


Creativity and the desire for continuous self-improvement are the most basic values of our company.

We use the finest Japanese steel, forging it repeatedly to achieve perfect blade geometry. We then manually sharpen the blade on a whetstone. We spend a great deal of time developing and refining our skills to become even better. If you expect quality, we share the same goal.